Each year, we bring you a new, improved, and updated credit score handbook as part of our ongoing focus to educate our clients. Not only do we offer this to all of our partners, like mortgage lenders, who can pass it on to their clients, but we offer it to anyone who’s interested in improving their credit scores – for free!

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Brought to you by Blue Water Credit – the nation’s trusted leader in credit restoration.

In 2023, our economy faces an unprecedented path as we all look towards a brighter future.

What is understood is that the average household or consumer is facing a lot of financial pressure, even as the economy grows and thrives. Stock market volatility, supply chain issues, home buyers being increasingly shut out, skyrocketing personal and revolving debt, cyber-hacks, and, of course, INFLATION, have all strained our budgets and investments.

And with prices seemingly rising every time we visit the grocery store and rates rising from the Fed to credit cards and even mortgages, it’s more important than ever to maintain a great credit score. Not only will a good score help you save money on credit cards, auto loans, and more, but a strong FICO will allow you to qualify for the best mortgage loans available.

In fact, a 40-point increase in your credit score can save you $40,000 on your next home loan!

Thanks to your preferred lender, Blue Water Credit Repair would like to offer you this 2023 Credit Score Handbook to help you reach your financial goals.

Blue Water Credit is the nation’s leader in legal and ethical credit repair, and always ready with a free credit analysis.

Enjoy this guide, trust in the advice of your mortgage professional, and contact Blue Water Credit to boost your score!

-Jeff Sipes
Blue Water Credit