What is the timeline to repair my credit?

You’re probably wondering how long does it take to rebuild credit. The true answer is “it varies,” but we’re here to help you get your credit restored legally and ethically in the most efficient way. The below is a general timeline to help you better understand the various stages in repairing your credit. Feel free to contact us a call for a risk-free consultation.


5 Days

Evaluation and Plan

Working off of your credit reports, we will send our first round of investigations to the credit reporting bureaus. Your credit score will be a starting point for us to benchmark our progress with you in improving your credit score. Your case manager will come up with a plan to help you reach your goals. During this time, you will also receive communication from the three credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This is important for the process, as we will confirm your authorization for us to help you repair your credit. Expect a response from them in the mail within 30-45 days from your start date.

10 Days

Credit Counseling & Recommendations

Next, you will begin to receive weekly emails of information and tips to further improve your credit. We believe by arming our clients with information and step-by-step instructions, we will achieve more effective and lasting results. The faster you act upon the recommendations to fixing your credit, the shorter the timeline will be!
Personalized Service
Your Case Manager, who understands your history, will guide you through the entire process. You will have a single dedicated contact to call.

45 Days

Forward Credit Reporting Bureaus’ Mail to BWC

By this point, you should have received and forwarded to us the mail that you received from ALL three credit bureaus. If not, please let us know. A delay in this step will delay our authorization to fix items on your credit report.
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90 Days

View Your Progress Online

You will be provided a Customer Login ID and Password to your Blue Water Customer Portal. Simply launch a web browser and login to your account to view the updates and improvements that were made. During this time, there are numerous activities happening on your account, including working with you to rebuild your credit, look at debt settlement options, as well as establishing consistent good credit behaviors. You will also see communication from creditors. We will guide you through properly responding, if necessary, so the work on your credit is not impacted. Let us know if you aren’t seeing continual activity and mail from creditors.

180 Days

Enjoy Your Final Review

In this final leg of your journey, we compare before and after results for your credit score. By this time, you will gain the knowledge and habits for building a solid credit history. You will also gain confidence of what your score means and what you can expect when seeking anything that requires a credit score. At this stage, we will also remove any verbiage off your credit report that says “in dispute.”

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This is a generic timeline of what you can typically expect to happen. The actual timeline may shrink or increase depending on your unique credit situation. Please also note, we cannot guarantee performance as it’s impossible to foresee what the creditors