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They say that everything’s bigger in the state of Texas. In fact, Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. in terms of both geographical size and population (Alaska and California are first, respectively). However, that doesn’t necessarily apply to credit scores, too.


In fact, Texas has one of the lowest average credit scores in the entire nation, according to Experian’s 2019 State of Credit report.


According to Experian, Texas consumers hold an average score of 652, the lowest in the nation and tied with Mississippi, Louisiana, Nevada, and Georgia.


That’s a far cry from the U.S. average Experian score of 703, which hit the highest mark ever. In 2019.


The ten Texas cities with the highest credit scores include Bellaire (767), Colleyille (766), Southlake (761), Fulshear (756), Austin (755), Round Top (753), San Antonio (750), Richardson (748), Driftwood (748), and Flower Mound (746).


Scrolling all the way down the list of the state’s approximately 931 cities, we find La Villa (596), Falfurrias (593), San Diego (593), Crystal City (591), Penitas (590), Pearsall (589), Lancaster (588), Dilley (583), Wilmer (579), and Cactus (570) as the communities with the lowest average credit scores.


A good reason for the Lonestar State’s abysmal credit score ratings may be the high debt burden among residents.


In fact, Texas has the third-highest credit card debt in the country by state, with an average of $9,100 per adult (not household!), which is behind only Alaska ($10,865) and Virginia ($9,120). (Iowa, North Dakota, and Wisconsin have the lowest average credit card debt, all with less than $7,100 in balances.)


Texans will also pay the third-most interest on their credit cards if they only pay the minimum (and they often do), adding up to $11,284 to reconcile that $9,100 average balance. (That’s $11k PLUS the original $9,100 in charges!)


Furthermore, if they pay only the minimum, it will take the average Texan 112 months to pay off their credit cards!


Student loans are a concern in Texas, as well, that may be contributing to the state’s credit score woes.


In fact, more than 50% of Texas students have student loans with average balances of $26,824. That places Texas students squarely in the middle of the country (#24) on the list of highest student loan balances, but that number is compounded by the fact that it’s a relatively low-cost state with lower incomes than many.


Actually, the median household income in Texas is only $59,206, which makes $11,000 of credit cards and $26,000 of student loans all the more sizable to pay.


For that reason, Texans have one of the highest Debt-to-Income ratios out of any state in the country, contributing to their low credit scores.


But it’s not all bad news when it comes to Texans and credit scoring, because residents of the state have a unique resource to help them rehabilitation their credit files: Blue Water Credit.


In fact, Blue Water Credit is one of the most reliable and trusted credit repair firms in Texas and the entire nation, with proven results of increasing their clients’ credit scores significantly.


From San Antonio to Houston, Dallas to Austin, and everywhere within Texas, there is no better place to go for credit score help than Blue Water Credit.


The legal and ethical leader in effective credit repair solutions, Blue Water Credit offers a free initial credit report consultation to anyone in Texas.


Once you have Blue Water Credit on your side, they’ll work diligently to leverage national credit reporting laws, such as laid out by the Fair Credit Act, to hold the credit bureaus responsible for any errors, outdated items, duplicates, or information they can’t prove in a timely manner.


By that means, Blue Water Credit works to clean up your credit report and send your score skyrocketing, allowing you to qualify for a home loan and buy your dream house, obtain financing for a new car, a business loan, or just save a whole wheelbarrow full of money by qualifying for lower credit card interest rates.


In fact, credit score is more important than ever these days for Texans, as it dictates not only your credit accounts and loans, but factors into pricing your insurance, rent, cell phone accounts, and even can block you from getting certain jobs.


But the good folks at Blue Water Credit are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work for you, taking the credit bureaus to task and making sure to improve your score as much as possible in a short time.


It’s no wonder why Blue Water Credit has become the go-to credit repair option for Texas real estate agents, mortgage lenders, financial planners, car dealerships, and more!

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Credit repair and getting out of debt is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Let Blue Water Credit in Texas help you take control of your life, manage the process with credit bureaus and clean up your credit report so that you can enjoy higher scores. We aim to set clear goals, have good communication and only take on clients we feel would benefit from our services in Texas.


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