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When it comes to repairing your credit in San Francisco, Blue Water Credit is your best resource and a trusted partner.


In fact, Blue Water Credit is the nation’s leader in responsible, ethical, and effective credit repair. We also have a long tradition in Northern California, as NorCal’s oldest and most reputable credit repair firm.


No matter where you live in San Francisco or around the Bay Area, your credit score is more important than ever in our times. From credit card to mortgage interest rates, business loans, insurance, renting a great property, or even applying for a golden job as you’re leveling-up, your credit score can’t be ignored.


While San Franciscans typically demonstrate good credit score habits and have strong scores, there’s also a lot more at stake. In fact, San Francisco is also one of the most expensive cities to live in the U.S., as the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment just hit an astronomical $3,800 per month.


Likewise, credit card debt among San Francisco residents is relatively low (well below the $16,600 national household average), but student loan debt is alarmingly high. Compared to the national average of $28,400 for student loan holders across the nation, the median student loan debt in San Francisco is around $41,900. In the Mission Bay neighborhood, the average student loan balance is a mind-boggling $52,005!


Every year, thousands of young people from around the country move to San Francisco, hoping to make their fortunes in the tech industry. Some of them do just that (at least on paper!), but many others fizzle out, unable to withstand the high cost of living in San Francisco, forced to abandon their dreams and move on due to financial mismanagement.


For these reasons – and many more – it’s vital that you maintain an excellent credit score if you live in San Francisco.


By utilizing national laws and regulations that dictate credit reporting, we’re able to hold the credit bureaus responsible, pushing them to expunge any outdated, inaccurate, or negative reported items.


That’s the secret to Blue Water Credit’s award-winning credit repair program, as we leverage these national laws and inside knowledge of the credit bureaus to earn you a clean credit file and a significant increase to your credit score.


Do you think your credit score is excellent? But are you sure?


Consider these important statistics:


Almost 8 out of every 10 credit reports have at least one error or multiple errors, and these mistakes by the credit bureaus cost you huge money!



More than half of all consumers have at least one negative item on their credit report. Whether it’s an old, duplicate, or wrong item, these late payments, collections, and other negative items are hurting you.



Almost one out of every three people discover completely erroneous items listed on their credit reports. Those may be seemingly innocuous like incorrect addresses, birthdates, job history, or more, but it could also be an inaccurate social security number, name, or accounts that aren’t yours!



One in four people are denied for a loan or denied for preferred interest rates when applying for credit cards, mortgages, etc. due to all of these inaccurate items and errors on their credit reports.


Are you another credit score statistic?

According to this data, your credit report is riddled with errors and negative inaccuracies, and they’re costing you – both in money every month but, more importantly, in lost opportunities.


The good news for San Francisco residents is that Blue Water Credit is committed to rehabilitating these credit score anchors, giving you a clean slate and a new, improved credit score that opens up a new financial life.


We’re local, reliable, experienced, and dedicated to helping each and every consumer and client with their credit score.


Add it all up, and Blue Water Credit is San Francisco’s preferred credit repair firm!


You’re welcome to look at our reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google, reading what our clients have said about how powerful and effective our credit repair services can be. We also would love you to come visit our San Francisco office or chat on the phone, where we’ll offer a complimentary credit score evaluation and analysis – with no obligation.


Contact us here and let’s get started on a better credit score – and a better financial future – today!

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