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Are you tired and frustrated with always paying more, wasting your hard-earned money, getting denied for loans, and losing out on golden opportunities just because your credit score isn’t up to par? San Diego’s own Blue Water Credit can help you repair your credit score and start saving money today!

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Blue Water Credit is the best option for fixing your credit and repairing your score in San Diego


We’re the nation’s leader in responsible, ethical, and effective credit repair – including a local office in San Diego!

Our award-winning credit repair process utilizes national credit laws to hold the credit bureaus accountable, forcing them to update any outdated, inaccurate, fraudulent, or other negative items. By leveraging these credit reporting laws, we work hard to clean harmful information from your credit report so your score will improve drastically.


These days, your credit score is tied to just about everything in your financial life, including interest rates, credit cards, home loans, rent, and even getting a job. So, you should only trust the best San Diego credit repair firm – Blue Water Credit.


Blue Water Credit is San Diego’s leading credit repair firm, with an established history of improving scores and cleaning reports for consumers, effectively and efficiently. We have the expertise, resources, and systems necessary to repair your credit and do the job right! We’d love to show you what we can do!


Most credit reports have at least one item that shouldn’t be there! Consider these notable numbers:



Studies show that 79% of all credit reports contain at least one error (or more) – these credit bureaus mistakes are costing you big money!



The majority of consumers – 54% to be exact – find at least one negative and harmful item listed on their credit reports. These can be an old or duplicate account, a wrong date, an erroneous late payment or collections, or information that doesn’t even belong to you!


Nearly one-third of all consumers find flat-out wrong data listed on their credit reports, including misspelling, wrong or old addresses, closed account still reporting, and items that should be assigned to someone else’s name and social security number – not drag your credit score down.



Add up all of these errors, inaccuracies, and even fraudulent activity and 25% of all consumers – one in four – take a hit that drops their credit score to the point that they’ve been denied for better rates or new credit – costing them big money!


Are you one of these credit score statistics? The chances are that you are, and it’s taking money right out of your wallet. But the good news it Blue Water Credit has the resources and dedication to fix these credit reporting nightmares, clean up your credit, and rehabilitate your credit score to where you need it to be. You deserve a better credit score and a whole lot of savings!


Your credit score helps determine your financial future!

These days, a person’s credit score is incredibly important, as it factors into just about every aspect of your finances from credit card interest rates and terms to mortgage rates,

Insurance premiums, renting a house or apartment, and even getting hired for a great new job. If your credit score has fallen due to missed payments, bankruptcies, collections, or also errors and ID theft, the rest of your finances will suffer, costing you dearly.


But for consumers who live, work, or play in San Diego, Blue Water Credit is now the local favorite for repairing credit scores and getting your finances back on track.


Blue Water Credit will help San Diegans fix their credit, remove negative items, and improve their credit scores to where they should be, working efficiently and effectively thanks to federal credit reporting laws. By eliminating and erasing negative items, your score will be on the mend – and due for a big jump.

Our staff of credit counselors are the most experienced, professional, and dedicated that you’ll find anywhere, and ready to help you right here at our local San Diego office. If you’re considering buying a home in San Diego and need to shop for a mortgage, buying a new car with financing, or would love to start saving money on your credit cards, a new and improved credit score can help you save huge money.


Blue Water Credit in San Diego is your best credit repair partner!


We welcome you to check our reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google, with countless testimonials from ecstatic clients. But you’re also welcome to come visit our San Diego office so you can meet our staff and get a complimentary credit repair consultation.


We’re happy to offer that free credit evaluation to anyone in San Diego who is looking for help, answers, and a better credit score!


When you’re comfortable with the process and ready to get started, Blue Water Credit is the industry leader in credit repair solutions, helping you to clean up your credit, raise your score, qualify for that new home, loan, or job, and save a whole lot of money!

That’s one of the many reasons why Blue Water Credit is the best local credit repair firm in San Diego.


Schedule your free credit consultation today to get started.


How does credit repair impact your life?

Credit repair and getting out of debt is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Let Blue Water Credit in San Diego help you take control of your life, manage the process with credit bureaus and clean up your credit report so that you can enjoy higher scores. We aim to set clear goals, have good communication and only take on clients we feel would benefit from our services in San Diego.


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