Blue Water Credit Restoration Packages


Packages include a one-time setup charge of $249 for the Individual Package and $399 for the Couple Package, to setup your account and design a personalized solution to meet your credit objectives.

Debt Negotiation is also available @ $99/hr (Billed in 6 minute Increments-Power of Attorney Required). *One-time Setup charge applies to Negotiation Only Clients.

Time is Precious

Did you know online credit repair companies or firms with “lawyers” tout a small monthly subscription fee, yet oftentimes take twice as long as we do to repair your credit? To stand out in the myriad of credit repair agencies, we have designed a method to quickly get your credit repaired in the shortest amount of time we can possibly do.

For illustrative purposes only, these are the likely scenarios with credit repair costs and times:
You will likely spend less money through the process with Blue Water Credit as you would with other perceived “more affordable” firms. What you will gain most is valuable TIME with Blue Water Credit.

How We Compare


The Cost of Bad Credit


Some people don’t take the step to fixing their credit because of the unknown. Some don’t understand the process, some don’t understand the timeline it takes, and some don’t understand the cost. Before we talk about our solutions, let’s talk about what it costs to have bad credit.

Bad credit costs. To be specific, a 30-year-old with poor credit is likely to pay a quarter-million dollars more in interest payments over her lifetime (assuming an $18,000 car loan, $5,000 in credit card debts and a $400,000 mortgage) than a similar person with a pristine score. If your credit is good, but not excellent, you’ll pay about $30,000 more over your lifetime than that individual with excellent credit.

Blue Water Credit Advantage


Save time. Get your credit score fixed quickly in a shorter amount of time.

Personalized approach. You have a dedicated Case Manager whose sole purpose is to help you achieve credit worthiness. You will not be routed to a call center, with any random “credit repair representative” who has never spoken to you work on your case.

We work with your loan officer to help you meet credit conditions for whatever you are financing.

Leverage our portfolio of trusted and reputable partners for your financial and lending needs. We have established key relationships to offer our clients perks such as a $500 rebate towards closing costs and home appraisals.

Risk Free Credit Consultation

By clicking Submit I consent Blue Water Credit LLC to contact me via text, phone, auto dialer or email regarding credit information and credit repair services. Msg & Data rates may apply. Reply STOP to opt out. Submitting my personal information above constitutes my electronic signature. Blue Water Credit keeps all information private and will never sell your information to a third party. 

“The entire staff at Blue Water Credit have taken great care of me and raised my credit score over 100 points in about 4 months. I am able to now buy a dependable vehicle and new home for my family.

I am very satisfied with Blue Water Credit and would recommend them to anyone looking for help getting their credit repaired.”

Mark D. (Auburn CA)

“I had the absolute best experience working with the entire Blue Water staff. They handled my settlements extremely quickly and was always great with communication. They helped fix all the dumb mistakes I made with my credit and I have now been pre-approved to buy my first home.

Many thanks to Blue Water! I would recommend to any and all!”

Traci S. (Roseville, CA)