The Best Credit Repair Company

No doubt in your search for the best credit repair company, you will find a myriad of companies and do it yourself credit repair advices. Blue Water Credit takes the guesswork out of the search by openly listing our practices and advantages so the consumer can make an educated choice in credit repair.

The Customer Comes First
We put your needs first and it’s good business to do so. That’s because we understand a customer that is listened to is a customer that will last. We do not own any financial instruments or products to sell. This allows us to review the marketplace everyday for the best performing solutions and processes to help our clients repair their credit.

We act as a fiduciary on your behalf and will design the best approach to quickly and most effectively rebuild your credit.

Top Ranking Performance
Blue Water Credit is a credit repair agency. This provides consumers with the confidence needed from a non-biased and reputable third party company. We work diligently to delight our clients and we know the formula to a happy customer experience is: customer service + competence + integrity.

In addition to ranking amongst the best, no ranking tops real genuine feedback from clients who received results from Blue Water Credit.

We Save You Time
Time is something you cannot buy more of. That’s why we understand the importance to our clients that time is what they want. We do the work as quickly as possible so what you pay will essentially be less than others who lengthen your contract time to make up the difference.

Don’t get stuck in a credit repair program that drags on for months because only a limited amount of accounts are being worked on at any given time. Save money and time with us.

Customized Solution
Every client is given a customized plan designed to most efficiently and effectively resolve their credit issues. Together, we work to tackle each item on your credit report that is negatively affecting your score. In addition, you will be given counsel and recommendations on the things to do to positively impact your credit rating.
Dedicated Case Manager
Every client is assigned a dedicated case manager to work on his or her account. Your case manager is familiar with your plan and will guide you through the entire process. You will receive weekly communication from your case manager on credit education and will have direct access to communicate with your case manager via phone and email.
We Dispute With All Three Major Credit Bureaus
A majority of lenders will utilize the three major credit bureaus: Experian,Equifax, and TransUnion. Hence, it’s important we work with all three bureaus to fix your credit score on each of their respective platform. When we open your account, we immediately get started on all three bureaus to start our credit repair process.

Integrity and Legal


We operate legally. We are registered with the Department of Justice, we are licensed specifically in what we do, and we are bonded. We are one of the very few credit repair and credit restoration companies that operate legally. We have set the industry standard as a reputable organization that is built on a foundation of integrity, character and an exceptional commitment to obtaining the best results possible for each client.

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