Finally, paying rent can help your credit score!

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Right now, there are approximately 43 million households being rented in the U.S., which adds up to well over 100 million people. And although about 35% of the population does not own a home, they still have to pay close attention to their finances, debt, and credit scores.

For homeowners and those who have a mortgage, that home loan acts as one of the largest and most positive influences on their credit scores (as long as they pay on time).

But for those who rent their residence and still pay on time every month, there is no such boost to their credit score. In fact, rental payments don’t even report on the vast majority of credit reports!

That’s right, with all of our modern technology and knowledge, there still is no system in place where your landlord or bank confirm that you paid on time to the credit bureaus, factoring into the credit score algorithm.

Typically, the only time your landlord will communicate and report to the credit bureaus is if you DON’T pay your rent or need to be evicted!

From purely a credit standpoint, think of all those 43 million households paying on time each month but getting absolutely no benefit to their credit scoring or reporting, while homeowners get a huge boost. And since our credit scores influence so much from interest rates to credit cards, insurance to even getting a job, it’s like a huge financial detriment to renters even when they pay on time and in full every month.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, as now there is a path to having your monthly rent not only show up on your credit report, but help you increase your score.

So, we’re thrilled to report a solution that allows you (and your credit score) to be recognized and rewarded as you pay your rent on time every month

A service called Can Rent Build Credit (or CRBC) acts as the intermediary between you, your landlord, and all three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

By signing up, you’ll benefit from communication with your landlord, making sure your monthly payments are reported to the credit bureaus.

Even better, CRBC acts to ensure up to two years of rental history going back are reported to the credit bureaus! Imagine a new but well-seasoned account (your rent) showing up on your credit score today with up to 24 months of positive reporting.

Remember that your credit score is calculated based on:

10% New credit

10% Credit mix

15% Length of credit history

30% Amounts owed

35% Payment history


Therefore, having your rental history show up with the credit bureaus will check several of those boxes, potentially skyrocketing your score.

Typically, we’ve found that your credit score can increase up to 50 points just by enrolling in CRBC’s service, and all within 90 days or less to get up and running.

Their process takes only a few minutes to get started, and they contact and verify rental payment history directly with your landlord, then register that data with the credit bureaus.

Going forward, your rental payments can be made through easy and safe eCheck online (ACH) portals or even the CRBC mobile app, so you’re 100% confident your rent is being reported and factored into your score.

For more information and to get your rental history reported to the credit bureaus, click here.


You’re already paying rent every month – so now, you might as well get credit for it – and see your credit score rise because of it!

How knows, your score may climb so high that you can buy a home soon!









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