Time to part ways with old debt.

Time to part ways with old debt.

Debt Can Be Heavy

We get it. Debt is hard on your wallet, your physical and mental health. Many people avoid debt collectors because they know they don’t have the answer the collectors would want to hear.

We understand not everyone is equipped to face their creditors and we are here to help. Blue Water Credit’s Case Managers are specially trained to help clients, like you, resolve their debt with their collectors once and for all.

Types of debt that can be settled:

Not all debts are created equal. There are credit card debts, mortgage debts, auto loan debts, student loan debts, and other debts. Some are easier to resolve and negotiate and some will require a rehab plan with the creditors. And, under the right conditions, some debt is good for your financial and credit worthiness.

  • Collections

  • Charge-Off Accounts

  • Second Mortgages

  • Judgements

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What you need to know about our Testimonials:
Testimonials represent the results of the particular individual and one should not expect the same result because every case is different. Blue Water Credit LLC promises only to communicate with the creditors on your behalf and in your name, verify report changes with bureaus, and provide you timely information about changes in your reports. Any credit score improvement seen after using our services is the result of many other additional factors, including: keeping credit balances low, paying bills on time, reducing or eliminating unnecessary inquiries, developing appropriate types of credit, and sound financial planning.
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Risk Free Debt Settlement Consultation


Free Debt Settlement Consultation

From a Credit Repair Perspective

Is debt settlement right for you? What are the best debt settlement solutions available?

Debt is an unwelcome guest at the table in many American households. The average U.S. household with debt carries $15,355 in credit card debt and $129,579 in total debt. Debt is not a result of irresponsible spending, but is a considerable hindrance to a family’s credit worthiness.

Why debt has grown: The rise in the cost of living has outpaced income growth over the past 12 years. While median household income has grown 26% since 2003, household expenses have outpaced it significantly.

The best way to settle debt is the right way.

Many debt settlement companies are solely interested in consolidating your debt and settling with your creditors, without any regard to your credit score. Because we help restore your credit score, our debt settlement solutions come from the perspective of doing what’s best to restore your credit.

With over 13 years of debt settlement experience we have been able to create vital contacts within various collections agencies, allowing us to get the best settlement agreements for our clients. We will analyze your existing debts and give you a comparison of debt reduction options, including debt settlement and credit counseling. Knowing your options is the only way to decide which plan is best for you.

Effective Debt Settlement for Credit Restoration

Because of our unique experience in both debt settlement and credit repair, we are able to settle accounts with a view to improve your credit. While most debt settlement companies will simply settle the debt, we always aim to settle accounts for deletion because that’s what helps your credit score.

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Doing what’s best for our clients for over 13 years have earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Relief is in sight.

Risk Free Debt Settlement Consultation


Free Debt Settlement Consultation

Privacy Principled

Life happens and we understand the unique circumstances that affect each of our clients. Our clients are respected professionals, leaders in their communities, or your neighbor next door. Whatever your circumstances may be and how you got off-tracked, rest assured we respect and will protect your privacy.

Whether you are looking for a home loan, refinance, auto loan, new job, or just want a fresh start, Blue Water Credit will help reach your end goal through credit education, guidance, and credit repair.