Blue Water Credit vs. Sky Blue Credit Repair Comparison

When you are searching for a credit repair specialist, you will come across numerous service providers. Out of them, Sky Blue Credit Repair and Blue Water Credit are two of prominent credit repair service providers. We often see how people get confused while they are trying to make a decision in between these two service providers since they have similar names. That’s why we thought of doing a head on head comparison in between Blue Water Credit and Sky Blue Credit Repair. Based on our comparison, you can make the decision to go ahead with the services offered by best credit repair Company.

Services offered

Blue Water Credit is offering a variety of outstanding credit repair services for the clients in need. The best thing about all these services is that they are specifically optimized to deliver assistance to the people with saving their time. Therefore, you will be able to get a good experience out of the services that Blue Water Credit is offering.

A dedicated case manager will be assigned to you with delivering the services that you wish to get out of Blue Water Credit. You will be able to develop a strong relationship with your case manager and move forward with obtaining the services. The credit repair coach will raise the disputes against inaccurate entries on your credit report. In addition to that, he will take care of the process of sending out letters of good faith to the lenders as well.

Apart from offering the basic credit repair assistance, Blue Water Credit will share some valuable tips and tools to you with keeping your credit score at a healthy level in the future. These recommendations will be made to you after careful analysis of your portfolio. Therefore, you can get solutions that are specifically designed for you. All you have to do is to stick to them and experience the benefits that would come on your way along with time. When you follow the guidance, you can make sure that you will never have to get the support offered by a credit repair company in the future.

You can get the basic credit repair services out of Sky Blue Credit Repair as well. However, the credit repair services that you get are straightforward and you will not be able to receive any fancy bells and whistles along with them. In other words, Sky Blue Credit Repair will just deliver assistance to you with sending out letters of good faith to the lenders, fixing the mistakes in your credit reports and locating the loopholes in credit reports. You cannot expect to receive any extra service out of Sky Blue Credit Repair.


You will be able to get the services offered by Sky Blue Credit Repair at a cheaper price. However, it doesn’t mean that you are getting the most valuable services out of them.

At the time of selecting a credit repair company, you need to understand the value that you are getting out of the amount that you pay for a credit repair company. This is where you will notice that you are getting a better value from Blue Water Credit. You will have to spend $149 per month to obtain the credit repair services of Blue Water Credit. For that price, you can get the basic credit repair services and many other value added services such as personal consultation.

In order to obtain the services of Sky Blue Credit Repair, you will need to make a payment of $69. You will just be getting the basic credit repair services from these specialists. Even to get those basic services, you will have to go through a lot of struggles. You will be asked to make many other miscellaneous payments along with time as well. For example, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $14.95 to get the credit reports.


It is possible to get an excellent customer support out of Blue Water Credit. Once you handover a task, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to deliver the support that you need. All you have to do is to work along with the dedicated account manager and request the assistance needed to improve your credit score. You will find it as an easy task to contact your account manager.  You will be provided with direct access and there is no need to go through the customer support. This will further assist you to save time. In the meantime, you can also make sure that you will not have to get in touch with your account manager on a regular basis as the account manager will keep on sending regular updates to you along with time.

You can find a decent support service offered by Sky Blue Credit Repair. However, it is not impressive when compared to the support service offered by Blue Water Credit. You will be able to reach the support team via the general hotline. Hence, you will have to wait in the queues and get connected to an agent, who will go through your details and provide you with information accordingly. This is a painfully long process, which you never wish to go through.

Final words

Sky Blue Credit Repair is not a bad credit repair agency. However, it is not in a position to provide a good competition to Blue Water Credit in terms of services, price and the support. It is up to you to analyze these two options and make the decision to pick the best.

As you can see, Blue Water Credit is a better service provider available for you to contact and get assistance with repairing your credit. The team is professional and they are willing to deliver the guidance that you want with improving your credit score along with time. Blue Water Credit have 200+ positive reviews that is a testament to their superior customer service. 

You can contact Blue Water Credit today to get started on your credit repair journey.