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“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our three FICO Scores raised 80-93 points, in the FIRST 3 MONTHS!  We went from not being able to purchase a home to currently shopping for a home on pre-approved credit. The services and care that Blue Water Credit provided has changed our outlook in life.”
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Credit repair services in Oxnard are offered by a number of organizations; the Blue Water Credit is one of them. This is a service in need considering the average scores or Oxnard residents’ credit ratings. A random Oxnard resident has a credit rating of 701 and an average rating of $4937. The delinquency rate is 0.5% and these scores are slightly better than the average California performance. Clearly, this is an indication that Oxnard is doing better than most of the other California cities. That notwithstanding, the city residents need credit repair services to improve their credit performance.

Credit Repair Costs

Inflation, low income and the rising cost of living compels us to take care of every dollar of our money. For that reason, the best thing to do is look out for an affordable company offering credit repair services. Oxnard has different organizations with different charges for their services. We pride in affordability and strive to convert every of your dollar into value you will love. Our risk free consultation adds oomph to this. You can therefore be sure of satisfaction. We strive to build a lasting partnership with our clients and wish to serve you for the longest time possible.

Compared to other organizations, we offer more service for less fees. We can always negotiate and land on a fair ground. We put your interest first for we know our existence is courtesy of your unending support as our esteemed clients.

Credit Repair Companies Near Me

We understand the Oxnard population very well. The 22nd most populated city in California has a great need of credit repair services. For that reason, we are strategically located near you to let you reach out to us without much struggle. Our online presence makes it even easier for you. It is now possible to contact us through our different platforms. We will take it over from there and be in control of things. We use both technology and physical spread to bridge the distance between you and us.

Getting the credit repair company, you need close to you is not easy. That is why you should show appreciation by engaging the nearest company to you. This should be the case especially when the provider does everything to make the partnership successful and lasting.

Quality Assurance

Just like in any other industry, you will always find quacks. The credit repair industry is not spared. That is why you ought to be careful at all times. Although we assure you quality, we know you are at risk of getting deceived by credit repair cons. Our risk free consultation will put you in a position to take care of your credit repairs as well as make you realize qualities of legitimate companies. That way, you’ll avoid getting yourself into deals with incompetent companies.

Bottom Line

We offer a risk –free consultation so you can tell us about your situation, we can review your credit report together, and get comfortable with a strategy going forward – at no cost.

Credit Affects You, Whether You Have It Or Not

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Credit Scores and Credit Reports

“What is a good credit score?” “What are the credit reporting agencies I should pay attention to?” These are questions people usually ask when it comes to credit scores.

When you apply for credit (credit card, an car loan, or a mortgage) lenders want to know what risk they’d take by loaning money to you. When lenders order a credit report, they can also can buy a FICO credit score that’s based on the information in your credit report. A FICO credit score is based on a snapshot of a credit report at a particular point in time.

It is important to know that most credit scores on the internet are NOT the same scores lenders use. Over 90% of lenders use FICO Scores. The other credit scores out there are called “educational credit scores.”

We recommend pulling a credit report from a reliable source such as Annualcreditreport.com, Myfico.com or from a lender. Once you’ve obtain a copy of your credit report, contact Blue Water Credit for a risk-free consultation on how to maximize your FICO scores.

Our Promise to You.

We believe there is more to life than making a living- we want to make a difference. Blue Water Credit’s goal is to provide you with a great experience with our company, whether you just call in for advice or become a client. We aim to set clear expectations, have good communication and only take on clients we feel would benefit from our services.


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