The State of Housing Mid-Year 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year for many unfortunate reasons, and those ups and downs have extended through 2021 so far. But one area that is the subject of much confusion and misconception is the housing market. Sure, we all pay close attention to home appreciation rates and sales prices, but today, I wanted to dig deeper.


We’ve certainly never seen this ...

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When a lender changes course, why should your credit score have to suffer?

In recent weeks, customers of a certain big national bank (I won’t mention the name, but it rhymes with Shmells Shargo!) abruptly changed course, cancelling all of their personal lines of credit.

The company (ok, it’s really Wells Fargo) released a six-page letter to customers (should it really take six pages to break the news?), stating that the bank had “decided to ...

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5 Ways your ex could mess up your credit.

Relationships are tough, and we all go through break-ups and heartache at some time in our life, or even have a marriage that ends. But if breaking up is hard to do, then repairing your credit after an ex-husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or romantic partner mess it up can be even more difficult.
The important of protecting and rehabilitating your credit ...
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Your Custom Home Buyer Credit Plan

No two people are the same, no two credit reports are the same, and no two home buyers are the same.

For that reason, Blue Water Credit has designed a Custom Home Buying Plan that covers the analysis, resources, and credit report help you need, so you’re 100% ready to start the home buying process and get the best financing possible!

To ...

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5 Fantastic Facts About FICO!

How well do you know your FICO facts?

If you’re wondering what FICO is or even why you should care, then this article is definitely for you. In fact, FICO – which stands for the Fair Isaac Corporation – is the longtime firm that generates your FICO Score.

Of course, FICO Scores come into play on 90% of all lending decisions with banks, ...

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Did the pandemic hurt your credit score?

The global coronavirus pandemic has led to a host of consequences for Americans’ personal finances. From unemployment to business closures, a surprisingly resilient stock market to a booming real estate and mortgage industry, the only constant has been change this past year.

But one unintended consequence of the pandemic may have been a hit to consumers’ credit scores.

A large part of ...

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