The business of BIG DATA

Every time you use your smartphone to Google something, every time you tag your location on social media, and definitely every time you buy something online, companies are collecting your data. In fact, most major retail brands, companies, and online sites that sell products or services are carefully “mining” your sensitive personal and financial data, reselling it to third-party data collection companies ...

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Can you escape Big Brother in our modern society? (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1 of this blog, we relayed the story of how a young writer named Henry David Thoreau moved to a remote path of woods by Walden Pond in 1845, where he built a humble cabin and lived a Spartan existence. When Thoreau emerged more than two years later, he had produced the manuscript to Walden, a memoir that trumpeted the virtues of simplicity, as well as the perils of conformity to modern industrial society. And while that was ...

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Cheap technology is costing us more than ever.

Evolution in new technology – in our homes, our offices, in our cars, and even worn or carried on our persons – are supposed to bring abundant and inexpensive smart tech solutions to our every day lives, right? The cool new computing and media devices and options may be omnipotent, but surprisingly, the price tag on all of this “cheap” tech has gone up, not down.

A study released last year by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants found some ...

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Chip-enabled credit cards and bank cards are the tech wave of the present.

A new technological feature is coming to a credit card near you. If you haven’t heard, credit cards and bankcards are getting a makeover, adorned with new small metallic silver or gold computer chips on the front of the card. Called EMV microchips, the new hardware is about as big as the business-side of your phone’s SIM card and holds all your payment data that is now contained on your card’s magnetic stripe.

Although the new cards that banks and credit ...

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Can you be denied for a loan or mortgage because of your Facebook friends?

If a recent patent is any indicator, then that you very well could be denied for a loan on a credit card, a car, or even a mortgage because of who you’re friends with on Facebook.

This summer, the U.S. Patent office granted an updated patent on technology that combs social media for evidence of a person’s closest network of friends and then relays that information to potential creditors, who can make lending decisions based on the friends’ perceived financial stability.

While ...

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