The Five-Finger Discount: 35 Facts About Shoplifting in America.

Shoplifting by the numbers:

1. It’s estimated that there are currently 27 million shoplifters in the U.S. today, which means 1 in 11 of us steal from stores and retailers.

2. Those 27 million criminals must be busy because it’s estimated there are between 330-440 million individual cases of shoplifting every year, which comes to 1 – 1.2 million shoplifting incidents daily, or 50,000 every hour.

3. Approximately 10 million people have been caught shoplifting over the last 5 years, at an ...

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Which city ranks highest for average credit card debt compared to income?

Which city in the U.S. is the most burdened with credit card debt? A new poll by reveals just that, assessing the debt burden of the top 25 metropolitan areas. But the discussion goes further than just which city has the highest average credit card debt because a big factor in the study’s rankings include the median income in the area, showing the true disparity between debt and earnings. It also tabulates how many months it would take to ...

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Creative ways to save for a down payment to buy a house.

Have you thought longingly about buying your first home, only to cancel out that dream once you look at the down payment requirements? It’s true that a mortgage payment often costs less than renting these days, and there are fantastic benefits to home ownership like equity appreciation and tax breaks, but there’s no getting around the fact that they need a whole lot of money, all at once and up front, in order to buy, right?

Maybe not. The good ...

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Americans are still buried in credit card debt, but have plenty of options to start shoveling their way out.

Recent findings from the Federal Reserve revealed that Americans are still buried in debt even after the recession and financial recovery. In fact, as a nation we now have $884.8 billion of credit card debt, not to mention our rising student loan and medical debt. And while our credit card debt totals are down approximately 5% since last year, analysts point out that’s because so many people have defaulted on large amounts of debt, not that we’re paying it off. ...

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Andrew Jackson out, Harriet Tubman in on the $20 bill?

Pretty soon, we may be seeing a new face on the old, familiar twenty-dollar bill, thanks to the efforts of a campaign called Women on 20s. Since 1920, the likeness of President Andrew Jackson has graced the twenty, but the movement to replace him with a famous woman from American history has picked up steam – catching the attention of the White House and Congress. They’ve even voted on the most suitable replacement and Harriet Tubman was the top ...
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15 facts about wealth and income inequality in the U.S. that will shock you.

The richest people in the United States are getting richer at an alarming rate, while the middle class and poorest families are losing ground on both wealth and wage inequality. The wealth gap has gotten markedly worse since the recession and especially the recovery, so much so that we’re at levels not seen since the Great Depression.

Those are the findings of prominent economists like Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucmanm, respected organizations like the Pew Research Center, and credible studies like ...

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