How the coming Fed rate hike will affect the average consumer – and how to best safeguard your finances.

In June, some very important people will meet to make some decisions that will reroute the trajectory of the U.S. economy. The “Fed,” led by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, will have one decision circled on their agenda that will affect millions of Americans: to raise interest rates.

A bump in the federal funds rate shouldn’t be taken as bad news. After all, we’ve enjoyed unprecedented historic lows since 2008, when the Fed slashed interest rates to buoy a sinking ...

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Compound or simple; the interesting thing about interest.

Interest rates are a part of our daily lives, even if we don’t always think of them. Whether you have a mortgage, student loans, or pay on a car loan or credit cards, the interest rates we pay dictate how big of a check we’re writing. But the impact of interest doesn’t stop there; when we open a bank account or make an investment, we hope that it pays a high interest rate so we can make more money. Interest ...

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