Blue Water Credit’s top-10 blog posts of 2016.

As the confetti falls on another New Year and the calendar page flips to 2017, we’re reminded by how truly incredible 2016 was. To commemorate the last 365 days and say goodbye to 2016, we decided to put together our top-10 blog posts of the year, as determined by reader views.

As always, thanks for reading, sharing, and follow Blue Water Credit, and please reach out to us if you need any advice or help with your credit score in 2017. ...

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35 Fun facts about the Star Wars franchise.

The highly anticipated release of the movie Star Wars: Episode VII is right around the corner, ready to hit theaters on December 18, 2015. Set 30 years after the epic Battle of Endor portrayed in Return of the Jedi, the film will include our favorite characters and actors from the original film: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo, only 30 years older, as in real life.

The title “The Force Awakens” is actually quite fitting, as the Star Wars ...

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The story of the Walt Disney Company – the most magical business on earth.

When animator and fledgling business man Walt Disney first sketched out a character he called Mickey Mouse in 1929, no one would have guessed it was the start of the largest creative enterprise the world had every seen. But nearly a century later, the Disney legacy has grown to be a multi billion-dollar corporation with theme parks movies, merchandise, and a brand that’s entertained billions of people all around the world.

In this blog, we’ll explore the Disney financial empire, ...

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National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is now big fun…and big business.

It’s our favorite time of year again, the holiday season after our Thanksgiving food comas have subsided but before the New Year is upon us. No I’m not talking about Christmas – I’m speaking of a holiday far newer, and some would argue, more fun – National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. That’s right, December 12th is an official holiday geared around celebrating the tackiest, gaudiest, and most visually offensive Christmas sweaters we could muster. Don’t laugh and dismiss it just ...

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