Navient exits student loan servicing – here are 5 things that means for you.

If you have student loans and Navient has been your servicer, you may be in for some big changes.

That’s because Navient, one of the industry leaders in servicing education loans, just announced that it will cease its servicing business going forward. At this time, Navient handles servicing for services student loans, parent loans and FFELP Loans for about 12 million borrowers.

In its statement, Navient confirmed ...

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5 Ways your ex could mess up your credit.

Relationships are tough, and we all go through break-ups and heartache at some time in our life, or even have a marriage that ends. But if breaking up is hard to do, then repairing your credit after an ex-husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or romantic partner mess it up can be even more difficult.
The important of protecting and rehabilitating your credit ...
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