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Are you tired and frustrated with always paying more, wasting your hard-earned money, getting denied for loans, and losing out on golden opportunities just because your credit score isn’t up to par?

The good news is that Blue Water Credit is here to help California residents, with industry-leading services to repair your credit, fast and effectively. Blue Water Credit as the resources, track record (just check our testimonials and reviews!), and understanding the various credit reporting laws and regulations. Add it all up, and Californians now have the #1 credit repair firm in the country right in their backyard!


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Blue Water Credit is the best option for fixing your credit and repairing your score in California!

If you live in California, you’re used to plenty of sunshine, high housing prices, and lots of great places to visit and things to do. But, with that comes lofty credit card balances, mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and more, and that can mean your credit score may be on shaky ground.

Where does California rank among all US states for credit scores?

California, with a population of almost 40 million people that leads the nation, is also home to plenty of savvy consumers who are good stewards of their finances. In fact, according to the big-three credit bureau Experian, Californians have an average Experian score of 685 based on the VantageScore range of 300 to 850.

That ranks California as #24 on the list of states, with Minnesota leading the list (709 average VantageScore), and Louisiana (650) dead last in the US.

Which California cities are making the grade for credit scores – and which are failing?

While California sits firmly near the middle of state rankings for average credit score, not all towns and cities within California are on equal credit score footing. According to Vantage, which ranked all 735 California cities and towns based on their VantageScore,

Saratoga ranked as the #1 best city for credit scores in California with an average VantageScore of 777, followed by affluent areas like Los Altos (776) and Portola Valley (775). Many of the top cities include Silicon Valley and Bay Area suburbs.

Of note, Los Angeles had a dismal 668 average credit score (ranking #559), San Francisco was much better at #118 (733 average credit score); San Diego had a lukewarm 694 average score, and Sacramento, the capital of California, fared even worse at 668.

All the way at the bottom of the list was Adelanto, California, ranking last at #735 with a shockingly-bad 585 average credit score!

Why credit scores matter in California

If you live in California, keeping a strong credit score is even more important for many reasons. In fact, a better credit score will help you save money and counteract the high cost of living in the Golden State when it comes to:

  1. Getting a mortgage and buying a home
  2. Or, just renting
  3. Applying for your dream job (most employers now check credit)
  4. Saving on insurance premiums
  5. Better deals when it comes to auto loans or paying off student loans
  6. Lower rates on credit cards and other loans
  7. Protecting yourself from ID theft, financial fraud, and data hacks

Therefore, fast credit repair is a legitimate and effective tool for consumers who want to save money. If your credit score needs a boost, Blue Water Credit’s industry-leading credit repair system is your best option!

How will Blue Water Credit improve your credit score?

With Blue Water Credit’s comprehensive credit rehabilitation system, you’ll be able to “clean up” negative and incorrect items from your credit reports. Blue Water will help repair your credit quickly by managing existing accounts correctly and adding new credit accounts as needed, all helping you achieve a better score.

Blue Water Credit gets results by leveraging existing credit reporting laws and statutes, like the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. Understanding those laws and your rights as a consumer allows you to file disputes with the credit bureaus, holding them accountable to either verify that data, or expunge it from your report if items are duplicates, incorrect, inaccurate, or, just negative items that should “fall off” your report.

By following this process – often multiple times – Blue Water Credit is able to “clean” your credit of negative and harmful accounts and items, helping your score rise significantly.

Your credit score may be suffering for all the wrong reasons

Even if you pay all of your bills on time and think you’re doing everything right, your credit score could take a hit because of circumstances beyond your control.

In fact, recent studies found that nearly 8 out of every 10 credit reports contain at least one mistake, and 4 out of 10 contain multiple errors!

Likewise, 54% of consumers have at least one negative item on their credit that’s dragging their score down that shouldn’t be there, such as accounts that are outdated, duplicates, reflect incorrect information, or outright errors – such as accounts from someone else’s similar name or Social Security number!

Even worse, 1 in 4 credit reports contains errors and items that are dropping your credit score significantly, costing you money when banks, credit cards, and lenders charge you higher rates, higher fees, or deny you credit, all together.

We haven’t even talked yet about identity theft and financial hacks that are sinking your credit score and costing you a small fortune, so keeping your credit report clean and repairing your score is crucial!

Thankfully, you have Blue Water Credit to protect consumers and help consumers in California.

Reasons to fix your credit score

For savvy California consumers who are looking to save money and improve their financial future, keeping a great credit score is more important than ever.

  • Qualifying for a home loan to buy a house soon
  • Improving your credit before refinancing to take advantage of today’s low interest rates
  • Saving money on credit cards and loans
  • Buying a car that you need to finance
  • Applying for student loans
  • Renting an apartment requires good credit
  • About 50% of employers are also checking credit reports of potential job applicants these days!

If you have any of these events or milestones coming up – or, just don’t want to miss out on potential savings – then Blue Water Credit is your #1 resource in California.

Why is Blue Water Credit the best credit repair choice for Californians?

If you’re a resident of California, Blue Water Credit can help you address the harmful items and accounts on your credit report, boost your score, and help you start saving big money!

Blue Water Credit is committed to helping California residents manage their credit and achieve a better financial standing. Our team of qualified credit repair specialists is second-to-none and always ready to help you!

We’ll work diligently to take advantage of credit reporting laws to hold the bureaus accountable for any incorrect, erroneous, or unwanted items on your credit.

Getting started is easy with Blue Water Credit

We offer a complimentary, risk-free consultation to go over your credit report line-by-line, identifying potential errors, negative items, and opportunities for score improvement. We’ll even map out the best credit score improvement strategy customized to your situation and financial needs.

Of course, you’re welcome to make an appointment and visit one of our offices across California, or a consultation can be over the phone if that’s more convenient.

Blue Water Credit is the responsible, reputable leader in credit repair in California, with a long track record of helping people fix their credit. Just look at our countless glowing 5-star reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google!

A better credit score (and big savings!) is just a phone call or click away when you contact Blue Water Credit!

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What you need to know about our Testimonials:
Testimonials represent the results of the particular individual and one should not expect the same result because every case is different. Blue Water Credit LLC promises only to communicate with the creditors on your behalf and in your name, verify report changes with bureaus, and provide you timely information about changes in your reports. Any credit score improvement seen after using our services is the result of many other additional factors, including: keeping credit balances low, paying bills on time, reducing or eliminating unnecessary inquiries, developing appropriate types of credit, and sound financial planning.