45 Reasons why the American middle class is an endangered species.

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty in his famous state of the union address, as he looked to strengthen and expand the prosperous middle class, a benchmark of the American dream. Programs like job training, social security, Medicare, and investments in education worked well. But in the last few decades, deregulation, corporate empowerment, and new economic policies resulted in a stagnation of middle class growth. However, even the most gloom-and-doom economists anticipated what’s happened to ...
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Does it matter where you live? Average credit scores by state.

When anticipating the differences in average credit score, there are many factors we may consider – income levels, age, and the amount of debt they hold the three big ones. But there’s another surprising factor that correlates with credit scores – where you live. In fact, the disparities between credit scores from state to state are startling. FICO reports the average credit score in the U.S. is 681 and the national average Experian Vantage score is about 750, but there’s ...

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10 Ways to get that raise you deserve!

Although your work may be enjoyable and fulfilling, the real reason we’re all going to the office is to get a paycheck. The reality is that today’s business climate is more competitive than ever, as companies try to stay profitable, often giving their employees more responsibilities or downsizing to achieve that. In fact, in 2014, the average base salary pay raise has only been 3%! Despite that sobering news, there’s no reason you can’t get the raise you want and ...

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30 in 30; how to boost your credit score 30-points within 30 days.

Your credit score is all-important these days, the gateway to achieving wealth and financial independence for your family. That’s never more critical than when a consumer is 30 days out from applying for a big loan like a mortgage or a car loan, obtaining some types of insurance, or even applying for a job. For that reason, it sometimes becomes critical to boost your score in a hurry to save money by taking advantage of the best interest rates – or even get approved at all. ...

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How will FICO Score 9 impact credit scoring? Not as much as you may think!

FICO’s recent release of its FICO SCORE 9 model caused a buzz of conversation among financial circles and even news media.  There are plenty of questions and concerns by consumers and headlines in the traditional news media.  But most people still don’t understand FICO 9 or what kind of impact it will have on credit scoring.

The following is a combination of data from several sources, but especially

Different banks and lenders use FICO in different ways.  Many of them still ...

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30 Sickening stats about healthcare and medical debt.

1.  Medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States, causing more than 60% of all BK’s.  Approximately three-fourths of those who go BK because of medical bills have health insurance.

2.  An illness or hospital stay that requires intensive care can easily rack up medical bills over one million dollars.

3.  Every year, it’s estimated that hospitals overcharge Americans by about 10 billion dollars.

4.  Medical billing advocates estimate that over 90% of the medical bills thy audit ...

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The Millenial Generation is about to take over the economy. Are you ready?

“Unfounded optimism is a commodity of the young.” 

The attitudes, values, and behaviors of every generation reflect their shared experience.  This has never been more true than for America’s Millennial Generation, having survived the Great Recession, finishing school with record debt, and  entering the working world amid challenges of globalization.  Still, they are inordinately optimistic, ready to influence our economy en masse.  Just like the wave of Baby Boomers going from silver to gold is impossible to ignore, the population explosion ...

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10 Tips to making better fast food choices (including the healthiest and WORST things you can eat!)

Pop quiz:

It’s 5:43pm on a hectic Friday you’ve got to get your child, Little DingDong Jr. (or whatever his name is) all the way across town by 6pm, which is when he’s got his ciello camp/junior varsity ping pong/thumb wrestling practice. You’re racing through traffic like a stunt driver when you realize you still haven’t fed him dinner. Oh no – bad parent alert! So within the next 17 minutes, these are your three choices:

A) Turn around and go back ...

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The 10 habits of highly successful real estate and mortgage professionals.

1.     They are driven and work hard. 

Thomas Edison said it best, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.”  Instead of looking for shortcuts or ways to just skate by with minimal effort, successful real estate and mortgage professionals attach their workday with passion and enthusiasm.  They always go the extra mile for their clients, and focused work ethic separates them from the pack.

2.     They stay on the forefront of ...

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The frightening truth about identity theft.

Let me paint you a picture.  You’re sitting at Starbucks and pull up your laptop and log in with their Wi-Fi to check email.  BOOM!  Your bank account information was just stolen.

Or you get a few credit card offers and other junk mail you don’t want so you rip it in half and throw it in the trash.  POW!  Someone just took out 5 credit cards in your name and maxed them.

Even scarier, you just go to your local store and ...

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