Las Vegas & Nevada residents falling short when it comes to debt, collections, and credit.

Residents of Las Vegas and Nevada are known for many things, including hosting millions of tourists, gamblers, and vacationers every year to the ‘Vegas Strip. But Nevadans are now known for another, more auspicious, reason: mismanaging their finances.

Unfortunately, that’s the ugly truth we find by looking into the wallets of the average Las Vegas or Nevada consumer – a fact that’s backed ...

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Las Vegas shines bright – except when it comes to credit scores

Las Vegas shines bright – except when it comes to credit scores

When the average person thinks of Las Vegas, they may think of the brightly-lit ‘Vegas strip, winning fortunes at the casinos, and partying with models by the pool. Of course, we know that the reality of living in Sin City – or the Silver State – rarely matches that tourist fantasy. One thing that Las Vegas residents AREN’T known for are good credit scores.

In fact, ...

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