Grrr and ughhh about $$$! Our stress about money and finances is higher than ever

According to new data from the American Psychological Association and other studies, money is the leading cause of stress for Americans.

In fact, 76 percent of Americans report that financial worries stress them out the most, above even work (70 percent), angst about the economy (65 percent), family responsibilities (47 percent) and personal health concerns (46 percent).

1 ...

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The news is filled with pressing threats these days, both domestic and internationally. But while the average person may dismiss it, cyber attacks may be the biggest threat to our safety and way of life.

In fact, the recent ransomware attack has infected tens of thousands of computers in nearly 100 countries so far. Ransomware ...

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8-Figures and broke; Why do professional athletes go bankrupt so often?







Or, just plain dumb.

Those are some words the average person may use to describe the way professional athletes when it comes to their financial management – or mismanagement. After all, with such vast fortunes thrown at their feet just to play a game, how is it even possible that they squander tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars?

Some of that is probably true. Ok, some of that is definitely true, too often. But there ...

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