Do you know ANONYMOUS? A look inside the shadowy international hack-tivist group.

They’ve been called everything from modern day Robin Hoods to cyber-terrorists. They rally for free speech, champions of democracy, and even work to protect us from Isis and Al Qaeda. They are malicious pranksters who hide their identities behind masks, vandals that cause billions of dollars in damage and ruin lives, and lawbreakers.

You may have seen images of them on the news during Occupy Wall Street, adorning the front cover of Time Magazine in 2012 as one of the 100 ...

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In China, dissenting political remarks, traffic violations, and even not visiting your parents enough can lower your credit score!

Many people are slightly confused as to how credit scoring works here in the U.S., with different scores, three separate credit bureaus, and even multiple scoring models. But our credit scoring system is downright easy compared to the system of credit in China – where confusion and even bizarre factors abound.

In fact, one of the things that could potentially drop your credit score in China is if you have elderly parents and don’t visit them enough! Believe it or not, ...

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Kanye West, late night TV, and favorite presidential candidates are just some of the wild factors that predict our credit score.

Your credit score is based on a lot of factors, like how much debt you hold, your history of paying on time, and the length of time you’ve held positive credit accounts.

But is it possible that what kind of music you like, what you watch on late-night TV, and even what kind of phone you use is a telltale sign of if you have excellent or poor credit?

WalletHub.com did an extensive survey of 1,000 individuals, and then normalized the ...

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