​The Majority Report; at least 50% of Americans ___________?

At least 50% of Americans _________________.

There are about 321,729,000 U.S. citizens at this very moment. That means that 160,864,500 is a perfect even split of 50/50. Add one person to either side, and you have an unbalanced scale, with one side having at least 160,864,501.

Since the dictionary defines the word ‘majority’ as a greater number, we we were wondering how we could quantify, characterize, and describe that majority of citizens in the United States – filling in that blank.

We did ...

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Cheap technology is costing us more than ever.

Evolution in new technology – in our homes, our offices, in our cars, and even worn or carried on our persons – are supposed to bring abundant and inexpensive smart tech solutions to our every day lives, right? The cool new computing and media devices and options may be omnipotent, but surprisingly, the price tag on all of this “cheap” tech has gone up, not down.

A study released last year by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants found some ...

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25 Tips to help organize your home. (Part 1 of 2)

Getting your home organized and in order can seem like an impossible mission, but with a little planning and commitment, every one of your possessions will be in its proper place – and you’ll feel like the king or queen of your castle again.

In order to help you prepare, we thought we’d give you our top 25 tips to help alleviate the stress and get your home clutter free – and most importantly, keep it all away! Look for part ...

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30 Things You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving.

1. Americans eat 46 million turkeys every Thanksgiving and eat about 535 pounds of turkey meat.

2. The average turkey day gobbler weighs 16 lbs. On average, they are 70% white meat and 30 % dark meat.

3. White meat and dark meat are in fact, very different. Dark meat has about twice the fat and contains saturated fat. While eating white meat may save you a few calories (only about 45 per serving), you’ll miss out on the darker meat’s vitamins, ...

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How much will you spend on interest payments in your lifetime? This number will shock you!

How much interest will you pay over the course of your lifetime? If you add up all the interest the average person spends on mortgage payments, car loans, and credit cards, the aggregate number is pretty starting: $279,000.

That’s the amount of total dollars spent (or wasted, depending on how you look at it), over a consumer’s lifetime when you factor in the typical use of debt, loans, and finances. But that number could easily jump higher for some consumers, or ...

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Can you sue your bank? Litigation against financial institutions may soon become a reality.

Has it ever occurred to you to sue your bank? If you’re like most people then you’ve never even thought about it, but that may be changing thanks to some new changes in the industry.

Still, the majority of consumers aren’t even aware that they’ve signed away their right to join class actions against their bank or credit card company. Now, the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) wants to ban companies from including so-called ‘arbitration clauses’ in their service agreements, calling ...

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