Can creditors throw you in jail for not paying your debts? (Part 2)

As we talked about in the first installment of this blog post, debtors use the court system to collect, bending the legal process past its intended spirit in some cases.

When a debtor’s examination is requested and a defendant/debtor doesn’t appear for any reason, they can be found in contempt of court. At that point, a warrant can be issued for their arrest and they can be incarcerated, placed behind bars technically for contempt of court – not failing ...

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Shhh…secrets, sex, and scandal; 40 Facts about the Ashley hack.

By now, you’ve probably heard water cooler whispers and seen tabloid headlines about the Ashley scandal, a website for extramarital affairs that was hacked this summer – and the private list of members released to the public. The aftermath certainly isn’t pretty, but not just because of the ethical issues of cheating that will certainly end a lot of relationships and damage families. But the hack also raises other important issues in our society, like internet security, cyber terrorism, ...

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Can you be denied for a loan or mortgage because of your Facebook friends?

If a recent patent is any indicator, then that you very well could be denied for a loan on a credit card, a car, or even a mortgage because of who you’re friends with on Facebook.

This summer, the U.S. Patent office granted an updated patent on technology that combs social media for evidence of a person’s closest network of friends and then relays that information to potential creditors, who can make lending decisions based on the friends’ perceived financial stability.

While ...

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Can you be thrown in jail for not paying your debts? (Part 1 of 2)

If you don’t pay your debts in modern day America, can your creditors have you thrown in jail? 

A look back to 19th century England:
In the decades leading up to the 1850s in England, London’s jails were filled to the brim with a certain brand of incarcerated prisoner: debtors. Sent to prison – sometimes for twenty or thirty years – because they couldn’t pay their bills or repay their debts on the outside, impoverished debtors languished behind bars without any other ...

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The top 10 bank heists of all time!

If being bad is sometimes irresistibly good, then it’s no wonder why bank robberies capture the shadowy side of our attention, enrapturing our rebellious imagination even though we would never condone criminality. But there’s no denying that when they’re successful, these heists lend a dash of glamor, romance, and intrigue like something out of a black and white Sunday movie.

One thing we can all agree on is that the following 10 robberies include some of the most elaborate, exciting (and ...

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The A, B, C’s of teaching your kids about credit score.

For most young children, money is a foreign and strange concept, as they just assume their mom or dad are omnipotent and can summon any toy, video game, or sugary breakfast cereal from the ether. But all too soon they’ll realize that money makes the world go ‘round, and we actually need to work hard for little green paper that we then pass on to others when we want to obtain goods or services. Soon they’ll be faced with their ...

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12 Tips to help you ‘sleep like a baby’ every night.

Do you sleep like a baby every night? If the answer is ‘no,’ then you’re in good company. Studies show that 62% of Americans have some trouble sleeping every week and up to 40 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder. And while doctors and sleep specialists still debate whether 8 hours of shut-eye is the optimal amount, countless millions of people don’t even come close to that much restful, uninterrupted sleep every night.

Here are some tips and techniques to ...

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‘Money’ tops the list of things couples fight about – but it doesn’t have to.

What do couples fight about? Whether just starting dating, in a long term relationship, or already married and the honeymoon is over, it may seem like there is an endless list of topics that romantic partners clash about: he throws his dirty shirts on the floor, she insists her poodle sleep on the bed, and they can’t agree on whether they should fly to the Caribbean or visit in-laws in Minnesota during Christmas vacation. (Ok, so there are some things ...

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