“Free” credit report websites whacked with $22 million fine for not being so free.

One Technologies, a company that claims to offer free credit reports to consumers, just agreed to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for illicit practices, including charging for all of those “free” credit reports they offered.

One Technologies, based out of Dallas, Texas, also did business under affiliate names on over 50 websites, like MyCreditHealth ScoreSense, FreeScore360, The FTC agreement starts with compensating customers at least $22 million in Illinois and Ohio, with more states to follow.

The complaint against One ...

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15 Reasons why Google is taking over the world.

It’s common knowledge that Google is the world’s biggest search engine, but most of us probably have no idea just how powerful the Mountain View, California company actually is. Google originally set sail in 1996 as a research project before going public in 2004 with the ambitious mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google now single handedly impacts just about every facet of life in America, growing from a Quixotian startup to the ...
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Did Random Event Generators predict the 9/11 attacks and other world events? Tune in to Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project to find out.

It reads like something out of a futuristic sci-fi novel, the movie script of the next Star Wars, or perhaps a wild conspiracy theory, but this is actual contemporary fact. Yet still, what I’m about to tell you will probably sound unbelievable. Welcome to the Global Consciousness Project, a network of Random Events Generators that claims to actually register data irregularities around significant world events like September 11, 2001, the disastrous Indian Ocean tsunami, Princess Diana’s death, and others…or even ...

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Citigroup partners with FICO to provide credit scores to its customers.

Up until only a few months ago, consumers were largely in the dark when it came to the credit score information that big banks and credit card companies used to make decisions about their own customers. But that all changed last November when the Fair Isaac Company, known as FICO, rolled out a program encouraging banks to provide free credit scores to their own customers. The initiative received a huge boost in legitimacy recently as Citigroup announced that they would ...

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