100 Things Facebooks knows about you (just to get started!)

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Facebook is in the news again these days, with its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, testifying in Congress. We always knew that Facebook was in the business of collecting (and then selling) our data, but we had no idea how mind-bogglingly intrusive their focus was, as they can access and record just about every detail of our public – and sometimes private – lives.

In fact, there’s a way for you to see exactly what data Facebook has collected on you, which you can download in full. But get ready for a tsunami of information, as the data file for a typical Facebook user can encompass 500,000 Word documents and about 700MB.

Here is a list of all the things Facebook probably knows about you:

1. Your current location.
2. Everywhere you’ve been when you were logged into Facebook or used Facebook-synced apps. The result is like a scary-comprehensive map of just about everywhere you’ve been every minute of every day since you signed up for Facebook.
3. It seems that Facebook can even access the webcam on your computer or smartphone when you’re logged in!
4. The same goes for your smartphone’s microphone feature.
5. Facebook can see just about every website you’ve ever visited from your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you’re logged in to Facebook.
6. Even when you’re logged off Facebook and surfing the net, Facebook tracks every site you visit that has a Facebook “Like” or “Share” functionality built in!
7. Facebook also knows your birthday (and age.)
8. What generation you belong to (important for advertisers).
9. Your gender.
10. What language you speak, as well as secondary language fluency.
11. Your level of education.
12. Your major or field of study.
13. What high school and college you went to.
14. Your “ethnic affinity.”
15. Your approximate income and net worth!
16. Whether you own a home or not, and, if so, what kind of house, and where.
17. The rough value of your home.
18. The property size and year it was built.
19. Your household composition, including who else lives with you, if they’re family, ages, etc.
20. Whether you’ve had an anniversary (work, marriage, etc.) within 30 days
21. If one of your Facebook friends has had an anniversary, just got engaged or married, recently moved or changed jobs, or has a birthday.
22. When you’re away from family or home.
23. If you’re in a long-distance relationship.
24. If you’re in a new relationship (and with whom). This also can include just about everyone you’ve dated or been in a relationship with!
25. When you get a new job.
26. When you become engaged or get married.
27. If you’re moving to a new home, apartment, or city soon.
28. Who your family is, including siblings, parents, and extended family.
29. If you’re expecting a baby.
30. Or adopting.
31. If you’re a mom, then they probably have a LOT of information on you, including all of your children’s’ school, sports, etc. information.
32. If you like to read about, debate, and post about politics.
33. Facebook categorizes you as Conservative or Liberal and where you are on those spectrums (Very Liberal, etc.).
34. Your current job and employer.
35. The industry you work in.
36. Your current job title/position.
37. The location of your office and possibly the type of office/building
38. Your interests (that’s a HUGE category!)
39. Your hobbies
40. If you’re a motorcycle driver/owner
41. If you plan to buy a car soon (and what year, make, model, etc.)
42. Or if you just bought a car (same)
43. When you buy auto parts or accessories
44. If your car or vehicle will need auto parts or service soon (yup! – it’s based on statistical analysis of similar cars/maintenance records.)
45. What car you drive, including what year, color, etc.
46. How many cars and autos you have in your household
47. How many licensed drivers are in your household
48. The driving records for each including insurance and accident info
49. The likely price range for your new car purchase, and where you might buy it.
50. How many people work for your company or business.
51. Your boss or business owner, as well as Board of Directors or executives.
52. What charities you donate to, and how much.
53. What operating system you use.
54. What Internet Browser you use.
55. What email platform you use.
56. What games you play.
57. Any online gaming (like poker, fantasy football, etc.) you play.
58. If you’ve created a Facebook event.
59. Any Facebook events you’ve attended.
60. Any pages or groups you administer.
61. How much you’ve spent on Facebook ads or boosting posts.
62. Every single photo you’ve ever uploaded to Facebook!
63. Every video you’ve updated.
64. Every article, blog, or web page link you’ve clicked starting from Facebook.
65. If you’re an early or late adopter of technology.
66. If you’re an expat or have moved to a new country, where you’re originally from.
67. If you belong to a big national bank, smaller regional bank, or credit union.
68. If you’re a big investor, and what sector you typically invest in.
69. The number of credit lines and accounts you owe.
70. If you’re a frequent credit card user.
71. The same for a debit card.
72. How much you owe on your credit cards.
73. If you listen to Internet radio.
74. The genres of music you like and listen to.
75. Your favorite TV channels and shows.
76. Your favorite movies.
77. If you subscribe to and use streaming media platform like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc.
78. How often you use your smartphone or mobile device, and for what.
79. The internet connection you use.
80. Your Wifi logins and use.
81. What smartphone or tablet you own and use, and when you last upgraded.
82. If you use internet coupons or discount codes.
83. Who buys groceries in your household, what kind, and where.
84. Your clothes shopping preferences by brand.
85. As well as the stores, styles, when you buy, how much you spend, etc.
86. If you’re a heavy purchaser of beer, wine or spirits.
87. What kind of health and beauty products you purchase and use.
88. If you regularly buy and use allergy medications, cold meds, pain relief products, etc.
89. If you have pets, where you shop for them, and approximately how much you spend.
90. Your favorite restaurants.
91. The gym or health club you attend.
92. If you’re profiled as someone who is receptive to online offers
93. If you have student loans and probably how much
94. Your home internet and phone providers
95. Any religious holidays, festivals, or special days you observe.
96. If you travel often, and whether that’s for work or play.
97. If you commute to work, and approximately how long it takes you.
98. What type of vacation you usually take and where, how long, etc.
99. Every time you take a trip or vacation.
100. Exactly where you stayed and visited on your vacation thanks to travel apps.

Want to find out what data Facebook has stored for you, too?

Log in to Facebook go to a page called “Your ad preferences.”

You get to that page by clicking here, or clicking on the small arrow on the top right of the blue bar, clicking “settings,” and then “ads.”

Get ready to be shocked!


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