The 10 habits of highly successful real estate and mortgage professionals.

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1.     They are driven and work hard. 

Thomas Edison said it best, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.”  Instead of looking for shortcuts or ways to just skate by with minimal effort, successful real estate and mortgage professionals attach their workday with passion and enthusiasm.  They always go the extra mile for their clients, and focused work ethic separates them from the pack.

2.     They stay on the forefront of technology and utilize it correctly.

Dedicated professionals understand that technology is a big part of the client experience so it should be embraced – not seen as a threat.  Therefore, they stay up on the newest relevant tech developments and serve as a guide and educator for their clients when it comes to that aspect of their job.  Of course this doesn’t mean they waste time on social media or very niche tech that won’t help their clients- quite the opposite.

3.     They actively listen and ask questions.

The key word here is ‘actively.”  Great salespeople from any profession stay attentive and focused when they clients speak.  They confirm what they say, repeat it back to make sure they understand correctly, and elicit plenty of follow up questions.  They understand that a sale occurs when you listen, not when you talk.

4.     They invest in education and self-improvement.

Without fail, the professionals I see who make the most money and have the greatest success constantly invest in themselves, reading books, listening to tapes and podcasts, going to seminars, and even tirelessly perfecting their craft – sales – and their knowledge of their product.

5.     They create systems and plan to succeed.

Like the old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll always get there.”  So successful pro’s build a detailed business plan and execute that plan with discipline.  They also create systems so minor tasks can be automated and important functions of serving the client are never missed.  But instead of making things mechanical, systems free them up to focus on personal relationships with their clients and give them more time to be a better business person and human being.

6.     They hold themselves accountable.

The best business plan and systems in the world do no good if you don’t track your activities and measure results.  Only then can you discern what is working and what is not, and make the appropriate shifts.  Knowing what small changes to make yields huge results over time!

7.     They build their own brand.

The best real estate and mortgage professionals don’t just rely on their company name and reputation, but focus on building their own brand as an ambassador for that company.  They adopt the company culture and then go the extra mile to do things even bigger and better – adding tremendous value to an already quality product or service.  That’s called ‘leadership!’

8.     They surround themselves with the best team.

The best way to go OUT of business is to carry around a titanic ego and think you know everything and do everything the best.  To be a truly prolific in sales and business, it’s paramount you understand your strengths – and weaknesses – and build a team with other people who are the best at what they do, whether it’s realtor/lender complements, title companies, handymen, etc.

9.     They care.

This part is simple; true concern for your client’s best interests needs to come first and foremost.  That’s something you can’t fake or outsource, and you’ll have to make many sacrifices and walk away from money when you always do the right thing – but the end result will be worth it!

10. They are persistent.

Perhaps greater than anything else on this list, the secret of success is this:  Fall nine times, get back up ten.  If you read the profiles of most millionaires and super-successful people, they all took their lumps and hit rock bottom but remained incredibly persistent until they broke through.


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