10 Great reasons to follow Blue Water Credit.

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1. Boost your credit score before you buy a home.
If you’re thinking of buying a home in the near future, you should definitely come talk to us! We can analyze your credit help you raise your score. Even a 20-point increase can save you tens of thousands of dollars when it’s time to apply for that mortgage.

2. Help paying off your student loans.
Thanks to new programs, Blue Water Credit can help you consolidate your student loans, lowering your monthly payments and paying off your debt much more quickly.

3. Get out of credit card debt.
If you’re overwhelmed with credit card debt, our settlement department will help you settle your credit cards or unsecured debt for much less than is owed, saving you money and avoiding bankruptcy.

4. Clean up your credit score so you’ll get that great new job.
Did you know that many employers consider your credit report rating the hiring process? Make sure your report is clean before you apply, especially for jobs in financial services.

5. Establishing credit for your business.
If you’re an entrepreneur or own a small business, it’s so important you establish credit for that entity. Not only will it grant you opportunities for growth your competitors don’t have, but business credit will reduce your personal liability.

6. Repairing credit after a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy.
Many of our clients went through financial problems because of the recession and now are left with a short sale, foreclosure, BK, or even judgments and tax liens on their credit report. We can help eliminate them or minimize their impact, letting you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

7. Identity theft protection.
Data theft is the fastest growing crime, affecting 1 in 8 Americans this year, so protect your credit identity with our program of regular screening, alerts, and protection.

8. Discounts!
We’re happy to offer you a risk-free consultation and $50 off any of these services! Likewise, refer a friend who uses our services and we’ll discount your next bill by another $100 AND give them $50 off!

9. Financial education
At Blue Water Credit, we’re committed to providing you the best education about credit score, real estate and mortgage news, and personal finance, empowering you to make the most prudent decisions about money matters.

10. The last (and most important,) reason to stay in touch with us?
Because we care about you! The folks here at Blue Water Credit are good, hard-working family people, just like you, and would love to stay in contact and help you with whatever you may need. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out for us and just say hello!

So we hope you follow Blue Water Credit to take advantage of all we can do to help you. On the top of the right hand column on this page you’ll see an RSS Feed button to get blogs delivered to your email, and also an easy form to sign up for our free newsletter.. Or you can follow us on Twitter @BlueWaterCredit, on Facebook, or email [email protected] Don’t hesitate to say hi or ask any questions!


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