At least 50% of Americans _________________.

There are about 321,729,000 U.S. citizens at this very moment. That means that 160,864,500 is a perfect even split of 50/50. Add one person to either side, and you have an unbalanced scale, with one side having at least 160,864,501.

Since the dictionary defines the word ‘majority’ as a greater number, we we were wondering how we could quantify, characterize, and describe that majority of citizens in the United States – filling in that blank.

We did a little digging for accurate recent statistics on the majority of Americans (which was harder than we thought it would be) and came up with this data, thanks to:

KPC, Harris, CNN, Gallup, US Census, Pew Research Center, Reuters, NBC, the Huffington Post, and several others.

50% of Americans have less than one month’s income saved for a rainy day.

50.5% of U.S. adults are married (down from 72% percent in 1960.)

50.8% of all Americans are female.

At least 50% of Americans have saved less than $50,000 for retirement.

At least 50% own an Apple product (that adds up to 55 million homes with at least one iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac computer.)

At least 50% of financial advisors say their clients underestimate their retirement expenses.

51% of Americans have delayed at least one major life decision – especially buying a home, retiring, pursuing higher education, etc. – for financial reasons in the past year.

51% of Americans are “not at all confident” that the universe began with the Big Bang.

51% of Americans made less than $30,000 last year.

51% of public school students live below the U.S. poverty line by several parameters.

51.6% of Americans report exercising three or more days per week for at least 30 minutes.

53% of Americans say they “feel like a stranger” in their own country.

53.2% of everyone in the country is between 15-64 years of age.

54% of Americans have never traveled outside the U.S.

55% of Americans have been on at least one of the six largest government entitlement programs in their lifetime: unemployment benefits, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, Medicaid and welfare.

55% of adults have no will or estate plan.

55% of Americans invest in the stock market.

56% of people do not know that credit score is the single most important factor when applying for a loan for a house, a car or even a new credit card.

57% of households don’t have a budget.

57% of people who lent money to family or friends weren’t paid back in full (only 27% reported never receiving any money back!)

58% Americans say they “don’t identify with what America has become.”

58% said they had started following a monthly budget following the most recent recession.

59% of Americans believe online dating is a good way to meet people.

59% of Americans play video games

60% of working adults saving nothing for retirement.

60% of Americans have not practiced or prepared for a natural disaster (despite the fact that 80% of Americans live in counties that have been hit with a weather-related disaster since 2007.)

61% of Americans admit that they text while driving.

61% of American adults have an immediate family member who served in the military.

61% of Americans report that they are living paycheck to paycheck.

61% of Americans believe there were more people involved in the JFK assassination.

62% of all American workers made less than $40,000 last year.

62% of Americans do not have a passport (that’s WAY up from only 3% of American citizens who had a passport in 1974!)

62% of adults have less than $1,000 in savings.

63% of Americans think wealth should be distributed more evenly among a greater percentage of people.

64% of Americans do not believe global warming will seriously affect their way of life.

65% of households have a pet.

66% (more than two-thirds) of American adults are overweight or obese.

70% of Americans hate their job.

70% of American citizens don’t have a college degree.

70% of all college graduates wish that they had spent more time preparing for the “real world” while they were still in college.

71% of all American workers made less than $50,000 last year.

73% of Americans live with at least one other person.

Over 75% of Americans have at least one credit card.

76% of all college undergrads have at least one credit card.

79% of Americans live in an urban area.

80% of Americans speak English at home.

82% of all Americans believe that it is harder for young adults to find jobs today than it was for their parents to find jobs.

85% report making positive changes to their financial habits after the recession.

85% of all U.S. citizens use internet (it was only 48% in 2000).

86% of Americans over 25 are high-school graduates.

People who pay with cash spend 82-88% of the amount of people who pay with credit cards.

90% of U.S. citizens have some sort of health coverage.

93% of Americans lack confidence in Congress.

93% of respondents reported one or more kinds of dishonesty at work or school.

95% of U.S. households own at least one car.

96% of respondents reported lying to or committing other dishonest acts toward those close to them.