Cyber attacks on JPMorgan Chase compromise financial data of 83 million consumers.

Last August, sophisticated computer hackers breached the networks of banking giant JP Morgan Chase and other banks, stealing sensitive data. It’s estimated that the financial records of up to 83 million households and businesses were compromised, approximately 2/3 of their client base. In what’s been called a coordinated cyber attack, the hackers stole at least a gigabyte of sensitive information including customer data. The ensuing U.S. investigation reports that it was an attack by the Russian government and possibly other Eastern ...
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Former Fed Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke denied for a mortgage refinance. Here’s how that conversation may have gone…

In a shocking development from the “you can’t make this stuff up,” department, former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently disclosed that he’s had some mortgage trouble of how own. Speaking to a conference at the National Investment Center for Senior Housing and Care, Bernanke confessed that he’d been denied for a mortgage refinance on his own personal residence.

“I recently tried to refinance my mortgage and I was unsuccessful,” said Bernanke to moderator Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics in front ...

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FICO’s new Score 9 is a win-win for credit reporting accuracy, consumers with medical debt.

This week, the credit reporting giant FICO reported they’re rolling out an update to their scoring model, FICO Score 9.  Once implemented, it will provide a more accurate and fair way to gauge consumer collections for credit scoring.  The highlight of FICO Score 9 is that it will differentiate medical collections from other consumer credit accounts in collections.  Up until now, those two types of accounts were lumped in together once they hit collections – hurting credit scores the same way.  But with a ...

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Should you be worried about Ebola in the U.S.A? Learn the facts behind the fear.

Originally posted August 3, 2014.

The last few days, more people have expressed concern over the decision to bring two aid workers who are inflicted with the Ebola virus back to the U.S. for treatment.  Around the water cooler, there are whispers about the virus spreading here on U.S. soil.  On Facebook, people offer their opinion that we shouldn’t bring the infected man and woman back into our borders for fear of an epidemic.  There are even people prophesizing that this ...

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The 30 universal traits of mega successful people.

1.         They go the extra mile.
People who achieve big things in life invest extra effort, thought, and creativity into everything they do, no matter how big or small.

2.         They take risks and are willing to fail.
Failure is not the enemy of successful people – it’s a necessary ally. In fact, if they don’t go through enough failure in their lives they understand they’re not taking enough risks.’

3.         Luck is created.
Successful people don’t wait around for luck to bless them – ...

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Do employers care what college you graduated from?

We recently wrote a blog about a controversial study that concluded where you go to college may not be nearly as important to career success as once thought.  It begs the question – if employers don’t put high regard into which institution of higher learning you graduated from, then what do they look for?  We hit the books once again to find the answer.

Our syllabus in this class comes from a recent Gallup poll that ranked how much weight business ...

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18 Essential Realtor safety tips.

The tragic case of murdered Realtor Beverly Carter reminds everyone in the business just how vulnerable we are, and especially women who are showing houses and meeting with clients. We care deeply about keeping our beloved real estate family safe, so Blue Water Credit would like to present you those 18 essential Realtor safety tips.

1. Work on the buddy system.
Have a designated safety partner in the office, an assistant or other realtor who you coordinate your schedule with. Communicate ...

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Murdered Realtor Beverly Carter reminds us just how dangerous our profession can be.

This morning, news broke that shattered the real estate community and filled us with dear, empathy, and anger all at the same time. Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter, who was reported missing last Friday night after disappearing from a routine home showing, was discovered dead. Carter, 49, an experienced real estate professional who worked for Crye-Leike Real Estate in Scott, Arkansas, hadn’t been heard from after driving out to show a listing on Friday, September 25. She called her husband, Carl ...

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45 Reasons why the American middle class is an endangered species.

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty in his famous state of the union address, as he looked to strengthen and expand the prosperous middle class, a benchmark of the American dream. Programs like job training, social security, Medicare, and investments in education worked well. But in the last few decades, deregulation, corporate empowerment, and new economic policies resulted in a stagnation of middle class growth. However, even the most gloom-and-doom economists anticipated what’s happened to ...
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Does it matter where you live? Average credit scores by state.

When anticipating the differences in average credit score, there are many factors we may consider – income levels, age, and the amount of debt they hold the three big ones. But there’s another surprising factor that correlates with credit scores – where you live. In fact, the disparities between credit scores from state to state are startling. FICO reports the average credit score in the U.S. is 681 and the national average Experian Vantage score is about 750, but there’s ...

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