10 Great reasons to follow Blue Water Credit.

1. Boost your credit score before you buy a home.
If you’re thinking of buying a home in the near future, you should definitely come talk to us! We can analyze your credit help you raise your score. Even a 20-point increase can save you tens of thousands of dollars when it’s time to apply for that mortgage.

2. Help paying off your student loans.
Thanks to new programs, Blue Water Credit can help you consolidate your student loans, lowering your ...

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What are people saying about Blue Water Credit?

At Blue Water Credit, our clients’ opinions mean everything, and we constantly strive to exceed expectations and earn their praise. Repairing credit can sometimes be a challenging process, but our goal is always to lead our clients to a better financial situation with communication, hard work, and their best interests always in mind. So how are we doing?

We recently checked in with Yelp, the popular internet user rating site, to see what people were saying on Blue Water Credit. We ...

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Climbing your way to the top of the credit score mountain.

Do you have a top-notch credit score? If you have a 720 or higher FICO score, you may be patting yourself on the back, as that’s commonly considered a superior score. But most people don’t realize there is another whole level to climb on the credit score mountain and reaching the peak will get you even better savings on interest rates, mortgages and loans. FICO scores go all the way to 850, yet many people stop looking upward once they ...

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10 Ways to get free stuff!

Admit it – there’s nothing better than getting something for free! We’d all love to win a new iPod, receive a gift card to our favorite store, or get comped for a free meal at our beloved neighborhood restaurant. But did you know these free offers are everywhere? It’s not just luck or chance – companies are very willing to give you their products or services free of charge – if you approach them the right way or offer something ...

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Rooftop revolution! 10 important questions about going solar at home.

1. Why solar?

There are many benefits to installing solar technology at your home or work: solar energy doesn’t harm the environment or depend on non-renewable fossil fuels, helps heal the environment, creates local jobs, and reduces our reliance on foreign powers for energy. But most importantly, going solar will save you money as a homeowner and energy consumer.

2. How much will it save me?

Let’s get right down to the numbers! Once they go solar, homeowners see an immediate and significant ...

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10 Things they should teach in college.

Every year, millions of young people receive their degrees from over 4,500 colleges, universities, and graduate programs in the United States. They all have high hopes of entering the work force where they can get a good-paying job and the independence and freedom that comes with being a working adult. Unfortunately, many of them are still woefully unprepared for the challenges they’ll face in the real world, despite the piece of paper their degree is printed on and the sizable ...

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Your Student Loan Repayment Study Sheet.

What are student loans costing us?
Student loan debt has exploded over the past few years, from a total of $579 billion in 2008 to $1.02 trillion at the end of 2013.  This near double of student loans over only a 5-year period accounts for the majority of consumer debt increase over that same period.  By most recent estimates, about 70% of all college students take out student loans and owe money at graduation, with the average price tag a ...

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The skyrocketing cost of higher education.

Higher education has a bigger price tag than ever – far outpacing our rise in income – and it’s distancing a lot of lower and middle class families from the hopes of sending their kids to college or university.  That’s the consensus of new data published by the reputable think tank, the Pew Institute, among others.  But just how high have college costs soared, how are we still paying them, and why?

What’s not under dispute is that higher education still pays off ...

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Is student loan consolidation right for you?

Blue Water Credit is proud to announce we’ve been approved to provide student loan assistance.  We can now help you explore all of your options, including student loan consolidation, rehabilitation, and even possible forgiveness.

Is student loan consolidation right for you?

Recent reports claim that 7 out of 10 college graduates end up with student loans, with an average of almost $30,000 in debt.  Many of them struggle to even make the monthly payments, holding them back from saving, paying off credit ...

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Clicking for love; why the online dating industry is bigger than ever.

These days, we all know someone who is trying online dating; or most likely, a lot of ‘someones.’  As younger generations prefer to connect with technology and social media and there are more single adults in the U.S., the online dating option is rampant. Even seniors are starting to flock to online matching sites! But online dating isn’t just connecting people for casual dating but leading to long term relationships and more than a hundred thousand marriages every year. The popularity ...

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